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Our farmers are our life blood. We work hand in hand in the field with our commercial and small-scale farmers, providing them with the tools required to maximise profits by increasing yield and using advanced technologies to reduce consumption of water, chemicals and fertilisers. Our presence in multiple origins allows us to share knowledge from one origin to another.

Besides promoting Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), our agronomy teams provide farmers with access to quality agricultural inputs; and provide technical solutions for management of harvest and post-harvest.

Crop processing:

CTCS and partners procure and process the crops cultivated by our farmers, to create multiple product types that we market and ship to our customers in the global food and beverage industries. We process and add value in-origin as much as possible, creating significant employment opportunities as we do so.

We and our partners follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), adhere to globally recognised control methods for food manufacturing such as HACCP; and target globally recognised certification in all processing operations. Our target is always to exceed compliance standards in order that we can meet the most demanding of customer requirements.

Delivery to global markets:

CTCS subsidiaries employ teams dedicated to ensuring that our products are delivered anywhere in the world to the precise specifications of the buyer, on time and at the lowest possible cost.

We provide bespoke shipping and stocking solutions to our partners and customers in order to maximise reliability of supply; and help customers manage their costs by facilitating Just-in-Time deliveries from our 5 stocking facilities.

Risk management and trade finance:

Due to the significant price volatility experienced in most agricultural commodities, suppliers and buyers can be exposed to risk that they do not have the capacities to manage themselves. CTCS provides financial services to our origin subsidiaries and supply chain partners, in order to mitigate these risks as much as possible.

Our highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals offer bespoke solutions to address the critical needs of our partners based on their specific requirements. This expertise is essential in the development of new origins and suppliers in the international market place.

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