About CTCS

Established in the U.K. in the early 1970s, The CTCS Group has established itself as a highly respected supplier of goods and services to food and coffee industries worldwide.

CTCS is an independent family and employee owned group. Tom Snoek, current CEO, has overseen sustained growth since takeover in 1991. He attributes much of the Group’s success to the significant investment we have made in core origins and partnerships over the years.

Our investments and partnerships in origin are the foundations on which the Group has established itself as a leading supplier of sustainably produced, high quality agricultural commodities to some of the largest and most demanding customers in food and beverage industries worldwide.

Tom Snoek,
Group Founder and CEO

Where we operate

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We have developed highly focused and specialised expertise in our chosen supply chains. We, together with our partners, manage the supply chain “end-to-end” in order to ensure full transparency and traceability; and to optimise conditions for sustainability.

Our objective is to maximise dollar returns to our growers and suppliers, whilst providing the market with a premium range of products at prices that keep us competitive in the global market.

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