Origins: Nicaragua: Comasa, Chinandega

Canon Garth’s "jewel in the crown". Our oldest and dearest partners with whom we continue to strive for excellence. World class in every respect.

Main products: Raw, blanched peanuts
Avg. Annual productions: 180,000 MT
Total planted area: 45,000 hectares
Farmer suppliers: 200
Avg. Annual exports: 90,000 MT
Peanut types planted: Runner and High Oleic Runner
Shelling Capacity: 42mt/hr
Blanching Capacity: 8mt/hr
Certifications: BRC, IOS17020, ISO17025, HACCP
Harvest period: December, January
Shipping period: All year
Global customers: 100
Global markets: 20

Products Available:

Variety/Form 30/40 32/36 38/42 40/50 50/60 60/70 80/100 Splits
Raw runner
Blanched Runner

*Grades available on request, please contact us for more information

Transparent Supply Chain:

Comasa is different to other peanut companies. It acts purely as a service provider to its growers. The service comprises all post harvest crop management including shelling, processing, exporting and marketing the peanuts produced by its farmer suppliers on their behalf.

For us, this fundamental principal is the cornerstone of our successful story with Comasa over a 30 year period. Through fair and transparent distribution of overall margin to the different supply chain contributors, Comasa has developed a truly sustainable agri-business model that should be replicated elsewhere.

Tom Snoek,
Group Founder and CEO

The Story:

In 1991, Canon Garth was approached by a small group of farmers from the Chinandega region in Nicaragua. This group, led by Don Miguel Zavala, had initiated production of peanuts in the early to mid 1980s in reaction to a series of crises that hit the dominant cotton industries, on which farmers in the Leon and Chinandega regions relied so heavily.

Shortly after that first meeting with Don Miguel, Comasa was formed, which, over the next 30 years, would become a world benchmark for high quality, sustainable peanut production, processing and supply chain management from which we market to customers in over 30 countries on 5 continents.

Comasa and sister companies manage all elements of the supply chain, namely:

  1. Agricultural input and equipment supplies + farmer extension services
  2. Crop reception, quality control (ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory), farmer stock storage
  3. Shelling, processing, preparing for market
  4. Blanching + other further processing including roasting, flavouring.
  5. Crude and Refined Peanut Oil production

Impact & Sustainablity:

Being the largest employer in Chinandega carries a responsibility to the community which Comasa takes very seriously. Comasa has over the years, launched a number of initiatives to make a positive contribution to both community and environment. Please see Sustainability for a snapshot of some of the incredible work.

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